CASE STUDY 1: Informatics Rebranding

Waters Corporation's Informatics team were looking for a new logo for their lead software Empower. In reviewing the division's existing logos, the look and feel was all over the map and quite frankly, outdated.

I guided them through a process of re-branding all their main software into one cohesive family that stayed true to their cutting-edge technology. Fresh and clean, the new logos reflect the simplicity of the software.


CASE STUDY 2: Alliance Logo Refresh

The flagship Alliance HPLC system instrument from Waters went through an R&D facelift, and so in turn, the logo. The new logo reflects a more current and fresh stance, bringing it into the 21 century.


CASE STUDY 3: Analytical LC Portfolio Refresh

Over the years, the look and feel of the LC "family" morphed into a mish-mash of looks and style treatments. In 2015, the LC line was given a fresh, clean, and stripped-down approach, aligning with today's "skim" culture and busy scientific clientele. Gone were the cumbersome, lengthy tomes - these 6-8 page square handouts reflect a more organized and concise tone, enticing then directing the reader to find out more through other means of communication.


CASE STUDY 4: Progress Design Studio Rebranding

PDS (Progress Design Studio) was looking to revive their look and bring them into the current century. The new symbol reflects the history of the previous, while creating a strong identifiable icon for today's modern world. It is connected, strong, and confident.